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The Photo Booth Trend: How it can help your Corporate Event

Posted by Morgan Williams | Posted in Corporate Event | Posted on 24-06-2015


Photo booth industry has come a long way ever since it was introduced to events such as corporate events. The service photo booths provide has improved as well as the quality of the printed copies. The sizes available for photo booths is also wide. Even the frames, templates and custom designs which can be used for the photo are numerous which make it interesting and fun for anyone using the photo booth. The types of photo booth also varied making it possible to select the best photo booth for a specific corporate event. Below are some of the known types of photo booth.

Photo booths are divided into 2 main types. They are enclosed and open.


Enclosed photo booth can accommodate from 2 to almost 20 persons inside depending on the size of the photo booth. The materials used for enclosure can vary from curtains, walls, panels or combining any of them to provide privacy for the users. Inside the photo booth might include chairs or bench. The sturdiness also varies depending on the materials and the company who makes them.


Open photo booth does not have the limitation of the enclosed photo booth. It can accommodate way more people since it does not enclose the area where people can get their photos taken. Most red carpets use open photo booths to showcase the guests arriving to the viewers.

Image provided by OMG! PhotoBooths.

The photo booth also are divided to several categories:


Traditional photo booth is only under the enclosed type. There are several styles of traditional photo booths. These are vintage, retro and modern style. Vintage style are very study and made of steel. It has the basic design of the original photo booth. The photo booth can fit around 2-3 persons and has seats or bench. It is heavy and hard to move and transport. Retro style photo booth can usually be seen in arcade centers and rental industry. It is much easier to transport compared to vintage photo booth. Modern style can be assembled and disassembled easily making it ideal for moving. There’s not chair and people will just stand and pose the way they want. All these types can use digital printers and computers.


Kiosk can be open or closed. They are setup in malls to provide instant photo printing. It also includes mirrors or computer screens to allow people see how they look. There are options of the frame or background to insert the photo.


There are photographers who do not roam around during a corporate event but stay in a particular place to take photos of the guests. They can setup their photo booth either in open or enclosed. Major corporate events use open photographer booths.


Photo booth industry has advanced using latest technologies and applications. Novelty booth includes mobile booths or character designed booths to provide more fun and enjoyment.

Tips To Smartly Avoid Some Real Estate Gimmicks

Posted by Morgan Williams | Posted in Morgage, Tax | Posted on 19-06-2015

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Similar to every line of work these days, there are unprofessional people in real estate too. This does not mean that all agents are bad, as there are good ones too who understand the value of your money, and help you get the best bargain as a buyer, and the maximum sale price as a seller. It is important not to fall into the wrong real estate agents and find the right ones when you want to buy or sell a property. Given in this article (by Wetherell Mayfair Estate Agents) are some of the real estate gimmicks used by unprofessional real estate agents that you can smartly avoid.

‘You will get a bidding war for this price’

A bidding war is every seller’s dream. It happens when two or more buyers compete for the same property making corresponding competitive offers. This actually helps in increasing the price of the property. It is pertinent to remember that bidding wars are very rare. It mostly happens only when the price quoted by the seller is much lower than the market rate. This is used as a strategy by some agents which will is invariably a kiss of death. The risk involved is too high.

‘I will buy your house if it doesn’t sell’

This tactic will increase the number of clients for any real estate agent. The downside is that the seller might end up getting just 85% of the house’s appraised value. Ensure that your agent has listed a good marketing plan – never go by such gimmicks.

‘This is the best property for you; you may lose it if you don’t take it’

A good real estate agent never pushes a property on the buyer on the other hand; he/she must find the best suited property as per the buyer’s requirements. If you sense that your agent is pressurising you to buy any particular property act smart and understand that something is up.

It is imperative for you to understand that there are some agents who will be looking to double end a real estate deal. This is a scenario where the same agent represents both the seller and the buyer. They benefit by commissions from both ends when they seal the deal. Though there is nothing bad in it, a good agent must never pressurise the client to buy any particular property.

‘I have a buyer for your home’

This is one of the most unprofessional methods followed by some agents. This is a tactic that enables agents to get a foot in the door of a potential seller. Remember, that is not the reason you should hire a real estate agent. If any agent does have a buyer, he will come to you with an offer. If he doesn’t, then it should be clear that he is saying it only to get your attention. It is important to get an agent who will help you to price your property competitively in the market.

No matter whether you are buying or selling a property, there is big money involved. It is important to shop around to find a good real estate agent. You can look for online reviews; ask for referrals from family and friends, ensure that you get the most for the money spent and the maximum money from a sale.

  1. Simple Mortgage Rules you need to follow

Are you planning to buy a new house? Do you want to buy an investment property? If your answers are yes, then this is the blog you need to read. A mortgage is the most important and crucial element you have to check when purchasing a property or house. It can be a biggest loan, and you have to ensure whether the loan amount is feasible to repay.

Do you know the meaning of the word mortgage?

Mortgage can also be called as a loan. It is obtained from the banker or lender to purchase a home. The lender will provide you loan on the basis of credit rating, your recent debts, and your current income. It is essential to maintain excellent credit rating records if you have plans to take a loan. Here in this blog, we are going to share some tips that will help you to take a mortgage to purchase your dream home.

Know your requirements:

Before planning to take a loan, first decide your budget and how much loan amount you would require purchasing a property. You should clearly know your requirements. If possible, you can discuss with a loan broker and get an idea how much you have to pay every month and how much loan is necessary for you to buy a property. This will, you will get a clear idea about your needs and requirements.

Understand the fixed costs:

Most of the people will have certain fixed costs, which they will regularly be paying on a monthly basis. You have to plan your household budget and other expenses to stay clear about your needs. It is essential to consider even small expenses or things like credit card bill payments in the fixed costs. If you are going to miss one or two, then you need to worry at the later time.

Remain PITH safe:

Do you know the meaning of the word PITH? It is the abbreviation of principle, interest, heating bills and property tax. When you have planned to take a loan, you need to check the principle and interest amount of the mortgage. You have to see how much you are going to pay as interest and how you will be paying on a monthly basis. If you have plans to repay the entire amount before the loan due date, then you can inform to your lender. Most of the lenders provide complete details and remain transparent in their deals. It is essential to sign up with a leading lender in your area. Do not just stick with one lender. Ask references and contact four to five lenders to find out the best lender. The interest amount should not exceed your budget.

Paying your mortgage:

If your loan amount has been approved, then it is good to plan ahead. When taking a loan, you have to focus on several factors like payment schedule (whether it is weekly, monthly, half yearly or quarterly schedules), interest rate and amortization period. The amortization period can be twenty to thirty years. It is the period where you will take to repay the entire loan amount.

If you’re in the market for real estate or any form of renting, either a home or office space. Please check out Loc8 Commercial. They come highly recommend from us and have serviced offices liverpool street and many others, including vitrual offices! So, something to think about.



5 Types of Insurance You Probably Shouldn’t Go Without

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cycling_companionsCycling is a fun and healthy activity. As a sport, it is an exciting and satisfying event for cyclers and audience. This high speed activity gives thrill to everyone attending and participating in the event. However, high speed sports like cycling poses a lot of risk which includes property damage and injuries. If you are involve in cycling accidents which lead to property damage and injuries can hamper you financially. And in order to minimize or neutralize potential financial loss due to cycling accidents, insurance coverage is a must. There are many types of insurance. However, here are 5 types of insurance you probably shouldn’t go without.

  1. Theft – Bicycles are expensive especially those used in pro cycling. Losing a bicycle can be devastating especially for those cyclers which do not have sponsors to provide new units. Insurance coverage for thefts are necessary because the insurance company will provide new bicycle unit in case the current one is lost or stolen.
  2. Cycling Injury – Cycling accidents are common in pro cycling races as well as regular cycling whether off road or highways. Cycling accidents will include physical injuries and damage to your bicycle. It is important to get a cycling accident insurance coverage since injuries caused by cycling accidents can be potentially life threatening and long-term and the bicycles are often completely destroyed. Both of these require huge amounts of fund which can drain your savings and even leave you with debts. Insurance coverage can remove such risk from you. To get the best possible health insurance cover, visit Health Insurance Finder. They compare the best health insurance policies and find the cheapest cover to suit your needs. Make sure to check them out and see what they can offer you!
  3. Third Party Liability – Cycling accidents can involve bystanders or other cyclers and motorists. So aside from your injuries, you also caused injuries to other people. Such circumstances will leave you responsible to other parties involved in the accident. Third party liability insurance allows you to cover all hospital costs and other necessities with ease. Depending on the insurance coverage, your insurance company can cover partial or the entire cost.
  4. Accidental Damage – During cycling accidents, your bicycle and other properties are damaged. Having an accidental damage coverage can have your insurance company pay for any damages caused by cycling accidents. This includes damage to your bicycle and other property damages. Not every insurance company will cover all damages acquired during cycling accidents. It is important to know the details and different scenarios that your insurance company will cover.
  5. Cycling Abroad – For cycling enthusiasts and pro cyclers, cycling abroad is common. Such activities are still prone to cycling accidents which include injuries and property damages. It is important to have insurance coverage even abroad in order to lower financial loss.

For you to have fun and experience the thrill of cycling without any worries, make sure to get these 5 types of insurance policies before cycling.


Why Every Business Should Use NLP

Posted by Morgan Williams | Posted in Business Development | Posted on 02-06-2015



Business is about innovation and creativity. It is about having the edge over hundreds of competitor. It is about going beyond for the customers and satisfy them constantly by providing quality products and services. Something PeopleVox do perfectly, they’ll allow you to have smooth operations of your stock with their fantastic software used by business like GymShark and The Range. It’s about aligning the goals of the company with the investors in order to grow for the consumers. And it’s about giving a sense of fulfillment and achievement to all employees working hard for the company. In other words, the ideal business is aligning the goals of the company with the investors and managing the employees properly so they will feel fulfillment in providing quality products and services to go beyond the demand of the consumers. With a lot of aspects and factors needed to consider in the business industry, it is hard for companies to maintain the delicate balance between each part. And this is why every business should use neuro linguistic programming (NLP) training provider like Toby & Kate McCartney.

NLP gives emphasis in developing skills such as communication and rapport building. By enhancing communication skills, negotiations between clients will be smoother. Cultural barriers and other communication break downs which could hinder negotiations will be avoided. Building rapport not only with clients but also within the team is essential for managers to have a strong organization and making employees feel they are valued by the company.

Neuro linguistic programming also allows the employees to enhance and improve their personal performances. Among the skills are sales, presentation skills, self-management, relation-building skills and aligning personal goals with company goals. By improving the skills and performance of all employees, everyone will become an asset and contribute to the growth of the business.

NLP also helps the company better understands the demands and needs of the customers. By evaluating the comparison between the demands of the customers and supply of the company, the company will have a clearer picture on which areas they are successful and the areas which they need to work on to provide better quality of products and service for the consumers.

Another great thing about neuro linguistic programming is that the company will have a better understanding with the clients and suppliers that contributes to the growth of the business. The company will be able to work well with these sectors thus ensuring the continuity of the operation of the business leading to profits and success.

With such focus on all aspects, the massive potential of the business will be released leading to the satisfactory of all sectors, owners, investors, employees and consumers. And when the potential is realized, great results can be observed and achieved by the company.

Lastly, NLP promotes the overall performance of the company and all sectors involved in the business which leads to the growth of the company and opens the possibility of the company to become the standard in the business industry outwitting the rest of the competitors.