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Relocating to India? A simple guide on PAN card’s

Posted by Morgan Williams | Posted in Blog | Posted on 08-01-2018

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India is a beautiful country and it’s no wonder the amount of people relocating there is increasing. In fact, almost a third of India’s population are migrants.

Why is this? Stunning sites and intriguing cultures are merely the basis’ of why India is such an appealing country to relocate to. However, just over half of migrants in India moved for employment.

But enough gawping at India’s beauty, let’s get down to the reason you’re here; to understand PAN cards.

What is a PAN card?

What is PAN? PAN stands for Permanent Account Number and it’s the main thing you’ll require when relocating to India. To put it simply, you need a PAN card if you’re looking into working on a temporary or permanent basis there.

To do so, you’ll need to get in touch with a company providing information on how to apply for, verify and replace a PAN card. From there, they will take you through each step and help you to fill out the forms. It may be time-consuming, but it is a legal requirement.

Who needs a PAN card?

As previously mentioned, India requires all who are working and paying TAX to apply for a PAN card. It acts as an identification and verification that you are indeed, a legally working, TAX paying resident of India.

Additionally, those who are opening a bank account in India require a PAN card too. If you’re still unsure whether or not you need to apply for one, ask! It’s not complicated to get and it’s definitely worthwhile.

Good luck on your move to India.



Forex trading: The options you have

Posted by Morgan Williams | Posted in Blog | Posted on 09-07-2015


An attractive investment

There is a reason that forex trading is considered to be among the leading trade markets of the world. This market is incredibly volatile, which is both a boon and a bane. The volatility means that there are chances of making a massive profit on your investment. However, the same volatility can also be the cause of your entire investment going down the drain.

Typically, people are attracted to forex trading because of the lucrative prospects it offers. The fact that time and place do not play a role in this trade also works in its favor. The time zones of different countries involved in the currency trade have to be kept in mind. Most transactions are conducted via phone calls, the internet or an electronic network, making it a feasible option.

How to approach the venture

The matters of investment are not such that one can deal with them in an impulsive manner. You cannot head out to the field with all guns blazing. You need to be sure that you are prepared, lest you end up losing all your money and the chance of becoming a leading forex trading broker. The first thing that you need to do is research.

You need to understand the field. You need to be well acquainted with the pros and cons associated with the investment. You need to familiarize yourself with the potential risks so that you can then decide tactics to evade them. You would also have to develop a shrewd understanding of the fluctuations that occur in various currencies. The forex trade works in pairs with the most attention gained by major currencies such as dollars and yen.

There are two methods that one can adapt in forex trading. One is the direct method where you would be purchasing and selling the currencies. This is the method generally employed by people. If this is the approach you decide upon, you would have to keep hoping that the fluctuation trends move in your favor. During a forex trade, you get your hands on one currency while getting rid of the other. Therefore, you have to hope that the currency you are holding on to sustains a higher value than the one that you got rid of.

The other method is to purchase derivatives that track the movements of a certain currency pair. It is the direct buying and selling that is the choice of most of the traders who are venturing into the field for the first time. The second method is mostly employed by those who have been engaged in forex trading for a long time.

Once you have attained your bearings in the market and have sufficient understanding of how things work, you can move on to the derivatives. You would also have to acquire an understating of features like options and future, both of which are different in terms of operation. Once you have decided on the approach that you want to take and the method that you want to employ, you can move to opening your account.shutterstock_57674311

5 Types of Insurance You Probably Shouldn’t Go Without

Posted by Morgan Williams | Posted in Blog | Posted on 10-06-2015

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cycling_companionsCycling is a fun and healthy activity. As a sport, it is an exciting and satisfying event for cyclers and audience. This high speed activity gives thrill to everyone attending and participating in the event. However, high speed sports like cycling poses a lot of risk which includes property damage and injuries. If you are involve in cycling accidents which lead to property damage and injuries can hamper you financially. And in order to minimize or neutralize potential financial loss due to cycling accidents, insurance coverage is a must. There are many types of insurance. However, here are 5 types of insurance you probably shouldn’t go without.

  1. Theft – Bicycles are expensive especially those used in pro cycling. Losing a bicycle can be devastating especially for those cyclers which do not have sponsors to provide new units. Insurance coverage for thefts are necessary because the insurance company will provide new bicycle unit in case the current one is lost or stolen.
  2. Cycling Injury – Cycling accidents are common in pro cycling races as well as regular cycling whether off road or highways. Cycling accidents will include physical injuries and damage to your bicycle. It is important to get a cycling accident insurance coverage since injuries caused by cycling accidents can be potentially life threatening and long-term and the bicycles are often completely destroyed. Both of these require huge amounts of fund which can drain your savings and even leave you with debts. Insurance coverage can remove such risk from you. To get the best possible health insurance cover, visit Health Insurance Finder. They compare the best health insurance policies and find the cheapest cover to suit your needs. Make sure to check them out and see what they can offer you!
  3. Third Party Liability – Cycling accidents can involve bystanders or other cyclers and motorists. So aside from your injuries, you also caused injuries to other people. Such circumstances will leave you responsible to other parties involved in the accident. Third party liability insurance allows you to cover all hospital costs and other necessities with ease. Depending on the insurance coverage, your insurance company can cover partial or the entire cost.
  4. Accidental Damage – During cycling accidents, your bicycle and other properties are damaged. Having an accidental damage coverage can have your insurance company pay for any damages caused by cycling accidents. This includes damage to your bicycle and other property damages. Not every insurance company will cover all damages acquired during cycling accidents. It is important to know the details and different scenarios that your insurance company will cover.
  5. Cycling Abroad – For cycling enthusiasts and pro cyclers, cycling abroad is common. Such activities are still prone to cycling accidents which include injuries and property damages. It is important to have insurance coverage even abroad in order to lower financial loss.

For you to have fun and experience the thrill of cycling without any worries, make sure to get these 5 types of insurance policies before cycling.


Bookkeeping – Why you should Outsource…

Posted by Morgan Williams | Posted in Blog, Business, Outsourcing | Posted on 30-03-2015

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Online communities have forever altered the way business is now transacted. The world has become quite small so much so that we are now closer to those who can help with the day to day running of our businesses leading to better management and more profits. One very important business offering where these have made a lasting impact is Book-keeping.

Book-keeping is one office duty most do not like to do but is necessary for the growth of the business. Neglecting it is bound to cause serious problems. This explains why businesses would rather hire someone to do it instead of abandoning it to their detriment or engaging it since they do not like to till March or April.

Why you should outsource your bookkeeping

Due to the possibilities provided by the internet world, it has become more practical to just outsource book-keeping instead of having in-house services or doing it yourself. Below are seven great reasons to outsource:

– Better time management: This allows more valuable time to be used in furthering the company’s interests instead of keeping the books. Having to do back-end duties could distract you from paying more attention to the day to day running of the business. Having in-house personnel could also lead to personality clashes. Outsourcing saves you unwanted distractions.

– Save Money: Outsourcing frees you from having to pay a full time wage and/or benefits to an employee most especially when they are not productive at a point in time. Outsourcing book-keeping help you to streamline your budget as you only pay for what you need.

– Expertise: Having to outsource gives you the leverage of having professionals work on your team at no extra cost, every time. Outsourcing this important task makes your job easier and highly effective as you have shifted book-keeping responsibilities to someone with specific expertise in that area.

– Focused Staff: Elimination of distractions from the jobs of book-keepers will help them produce more focused work for you. This can only be achieved through outsourcing since most workplaces have to go around with the hustle and bustle. This effectively means that they can produce more focused work for you that will help your business be more focused on what it does best – make profits.

– Team Work vs. Individual Efforts: Doing your book-keeping yourself or employing in-house staff to may be good but one person may not be enough to work out the kinks in your business records. However, when you outsource, you are sure of having a team that is committed solely to your company’s financial health. Each work is double-checked by the team for consistency and correctness. This also helps in the individuation of tasks and departments as each unique task must function first as a whole before coming together to work together as a cohesive unit.

– Access to top systems: Access to top book-keeping and accounting programs are limited due to their high cost, but by outsourcing, you have access to these top tools which are used to keep your book up to date. Outsourcing basically helps you “purchase” the tools and the expertise to work with them to produce excellent book-keeping records. Best of all, you don’t have to do any work as the company has it covered. This also help you keep records as the outsourced data are backed up and organized in such a way as to be available even after long years. This ensures that you are always prepared for any contingencies like the IRS coming to know on your door with the intention to audit your account.

– Scalable: Finally, when you outsource, you can engage the possibility of either cutting down on spending or looking at growing your business through investments. Whatever your plans, outsourcing will give you flexibility of options and plans that will help you achieve set goals with a specialist XERO bookkeeper manly which cannot be provided by in-house book-keepers.




Interesting Internet Marketing Tips

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Internet Marketing TipsDo you want to stand ahead of your competitors through efficient internet marketing? Well, here listing some tips and suggestions on internet marketing. It is one of the best tools to share about your services and products with the world. You can simply share anything relevant to your business with your target consumers. Whenever they search or browse for your areas of service, your website or your social page would come in their mind. Before you start to do marketing, you should clearly know who are your target audience, how you are going to reach them and what the internet marketing tools you are going to use. When you are clear about these answers, you will be able to start confidently.

Research: The research is the major foundation for internet marketing. You will get a lot of ideas and suggestions when you start to research. Moreover, you would come to know about the internet techniques that has not worked, and that has a lot of chances to work. This way, no one can derive results better than you.

Use social networking sites: Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. have become a trend in the present market. You could not find any person without a networking account. It has become a part of everybody’s life. This is actually an encouraging part for marketers. They can easily find their target consumers by refine searching or researching in public groups. This way, your products will get exposure in the global market. It is important to manage your social account time to time for best results. If you fail to so, it can create a negative impact in the customer’s mind.

Online video: People love to watch videos. For example, let us assume that you are starting a website development company and looking to promote your service. Make complete use of YouTube videos and video uploading sites to promote your business. You can make short videos of your work, client testimonials or your portfolio in the form a video. The customers would get to know and directly contact you, once they feel your service really impressive.

Search Engine Optimisation & Pay Per Click: If you’re not ranking in organic search and on paid search, you’re losing out on business to your competitors, fact. You need to be there. Hiring an Search Engine Optimisation company, e.g. SEO Essex is crucial to leverage your SEO and making sure your Pay Per Click spend is being spent wisely.

Office Equipment and Office Stationary Products

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Office Equipment and Office Stationary ProductsDo you want purchase your office supplies just from your workplace? If you answer is affirmative, this is the blog you should definitely read. Office equipment and stationery play a vital part in work productivity. If you fail to provide your employees with right equipments, stationery, and furniture, they will not be able to perform their best. As a manager, it is essential to focus on employee’s comfort as it has chances to affect the turnover of your business. Some of the essential office equipments and stationery include paperweights, folders, files, ball pins, clips, printers, computer, laptops, fax machines, photocopiers, typewriters, scanners, special telephones, etc.

Most of the people buy such equipments in bulk from a wholesale dealer. This way, they can purchase at discounted rates and get quality products. Nowadays, people are shopping such office equipments in the online stores. They are more reasonable and comfortable than the local retailers.

Choose an online supplier

If you are planning to purchase office equipments in bulk, then ensure to do a research on the internet. You will get to know about the latest models, features, designs, and colours. Moreover, you can compare and purchase the equipments in bulk at right off season. The consumers can read briefly about the product details, manufacturer details and pictures before planning to buy. The major reason for consumers to purchase in the online store is, they get additional free gifts and buy products at competitive price rates.

The office equipment should be changed or renewed whenever it stops to work. If the employee is struggling with slow running fax machine or copier, it has chances to slow down his/her entire works. Moreover, it disturbs the mood, and the task would remain incomplete. It is necessary to give the employees a comfortable and pleasant working place by providing quality office equipments and furniture.