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The Photo Booth Trend: How it can help your Corporate Event

Posted by Morgan Williams | Posted in Corporate Event | Posted on 24-06-2015


Photo booth industry has come a long way ever since it was introduced to events such as corporate events. The service photo booths provide has improved as well as the quality of the printed copies. The sizes available for photo booths is also wide. Even the frames, templates and custom designs which can be used for the photo are numerous which make it interesting and fun for anyone using the photo booth. The types of photo booth also varied making it possible to select the best photo booth for a specific corporate event. Below are some of the known types of photo booth.

Photo booths are divided into 2 main types. They are enclosed and open.


Enclosed photo booth can accommodate from 2 to almost 20 persons inside depending on the size of the photo booth. The materials used for enclosure can vary from curtains, walls, panels or combining any of them to provide privacy for the users. Inside the photo booth might include chairs or bench. The sturdiness also varies depending on the materials and the company who makes them.


Open photo booth does not have the limitation of the enclosed photo booth. It can accommodate way more people since it does not enclose the area where people can get their photos taken. Most red carpets use open photo booths to showcase the guests arriving to the viewers.

Image provided by OMG! PhotoBooths.

The photo booth also are divided to several categories:


Traditional photo booth is only under the enclosed type. There are several styles of traditional photo booths. These are vintage, retro and modern style. Vintage style are very study and made of steel. It has the basic design of the original photo booth. The photo booth can fit around 2-3 persons and has seats or bench. It is heavy and hard to move and transport. Retro style photo booth can usually be seen in arcade centers and rental industry. It is much easier to transport compared to vintage photo booth. Modern style can be assembled and disassembled easily making it ideal for moving. There’s not chair and people will just stand and pose the way they want. All these types can use digital printers and computers.


Kiosk can be open or closed. They are setup in malls to provide instant photo printing. It also includes mirrors or computer screens to allow people see how they look. There are options of the frame or background to insert the photo.


There are photographers who do not roam around during a corporate event but stay in a particular place to take photos of the guests. They can setup their photo booth either in open or enclosed. Major corporate events use open photographer booths.


Photo booth industry has advanced using latest technologies and applications. Novelty booth includes mobile booths or character designed booths to provide more fun and enjoyment.

Hire a Magician to Make your Corporate Event Memorable

Posted by Morgan Williams | Posted in Corporate Event | Posted on 18-09-2014

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Magician to Make your Corporate EventAre you in a planning stage for your corporate event? Well, you would be having bundle of tasks and charges to put on to make the event special. You should have noted about meal arrangements, keynote speaker, decorations and mapped about additional contributions but did you wonder there is one thing missing? Yes! The entertainment part is essential, and it helps the event to remain memorable for years. If you are planning to hire a magician for your corporate event, then you need to do some research and gather information about the magician. There are several benefits of hiring a magician for a corporate event. Here listing their benefits.

Company retreats and seminars play an important part in employee and employer communication. You may have long of plans and ideas to discuss, or you may be starting a new business. The entire crowd would be maintaining perfect seriousness and focusing on your thoughts. At this time, when a magician enters the crowd, he/she will help to break the seriousness and remain as a better source of entertainment. Moreover, it is not advisable to always talk about business with your employees. Everyone loves to relax, rejuvenate and refresh. The skills of magicians will boost and help the crowd to enjoy the event.

Award banquets are organized to appreciate and honor the hardworking employees. It matters a lot to employees, team leaders, and employers. It is one of the best ways to improve employee confidence and express gratitude. However, the attendees may feel a bit boring or tiring. To give a break and relax the participants, a magic show can be conducted. It makes the event more enjoyable. The magicians could make magical appearances to integrate with the presenters. This helps to bring a positive image about the company. Nick Crown performs in London for Weddings, corporate events and private parties.

Apart from these, there are several reasons to hire a magician. Magic is cherished by all social classes and age groups. It gives a chance to make a successful event.